Expertise is the new Currency

We want to hear your story, what it took you to build that expertise of yours. Importantly, we want to hear about that moment when it made sense to start sharing that expertise with others. Go ahead, tell us about it.

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We build homes for expertise. Let's build one for yours.

Online schools are nothing new, you sure have heard of them, likely seen them, probably built one as well. You have options to host self paced courses, tools that let you run online live classes, and then there are marketplaces. These are good solutions; we are happy they were built and happier to see them being used. Needless to say, it is technology that has powered these solutions largely.

Now technology is a funny creature, in the sense that it goes through evolution way faster than others. What does this evolution mean for running online schools? Does it help make them faster, better, and cheaper? Will that lead to a larger adoption? Critically, does it make these schools more impactful?

'Yes'. That's the answer to all of these. And what we are building is proof to this. From having the ability to run self paced courses, to online live classes, and everything blended, you would be able to fuel all of those creative course delivery ideas. But the biggest upgrade is in the impact side of your school. Impact is driven, among others, by the quality of the student experience, and the instructor's ability to control it. That's what we are working on.

We hope to have you join the evolution party and bring your students onboard for an experience that lasts!

Come join the tribe!